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How to use your Linktree analytics to reach your goals faster

Linktree’s Analytics exist to help you measure your performance and reach your goals faster. It’s time to learn the basics and start using your Analytics like a Pro!

Woman looking at her mobile phone while drinking a coffee

So you’ve set up a new Linktree and shared it to your socials. Like most creators, you might be using Linktree to share your content, grow your following or make/collect money on the platform. But how do you know how you’re tracking and whether you’re meeting those goals? Let’s dive in.


Learn the basics

Linktree's Analytics metrics displayed in a bar and line graph

First off, there’s a few key measures you should get familiar with.

This is the total number of profile views from visitors to your Linktree. Increasing your views is your biggest opportunity to increase the number of visitors engaging with your content.

Tip: Share your Linktree across multiple platforms regularly to maximize the number of views on your Linktree.

This is the total number of clicks on your links. Once you’ve mastered how to maximize your views, you’ll want to double-down on your clicks. To do this, check out the Link Analytics section of your links to compare how each link is performing.

Tip: Try altering your link title or customizing it with our link modifiers to see what resonates most with your visitors.

This stands for click-through-rate and is the percentage of your profile views that resulted in a click. For example, a Linktree with 100 views and 200 clicks has a CTR of 200%. A high CTR is a good indication that your visitors are staying engaged with your content.

Tip: Keep your Linktree fresh and up-to-date by adding new content and sharing it regularly to help boost your CTR.

Time to Click (TTC)
This is the average time it takes for a visitor to click on a link after landing on your Linktree. Use this information on top of your other metrics to get a fuller picture of visitor engagement.

Tip: Monitor changes in TTC after updating and sharing your Linktree to understand how your changes have impacted the time it takes your visitors to review your links and click.

Now that you’re across the basics, you’re ready to deep dive and get the most out of your Analytics! Have a specific campaign or event you want to track? Use our date range selector to hone in on a specific point in time. Want to know more about your visitors? Analytics are broken down by visitor location, referrer, and device – so you can really start to understand who your key followers are.

Tips for growing your following using Analytics

Use Referrer Analytics to better target your marketing efforts

If this is a key goal of yours, our Top Referrers chart is your go-to. This chart will tell you what platforms your visitors are coming from, so you can understand which are generating the most visits and clicks on your Linktree.

Chart that shows tje top referrers to a person's Linktree

Here are some of the ways you can use Referrer Analytics to grow your following.

Capitalize on your top referrers 

  • For example, if your Instagram visitors have the highest CTR, this is a good indication that Instagram is a key follower base for you. Continue your efforts in reaching followers from this platform such as sharing your Linktree in stories and posts or via paid campaigns.

Strengthen your lowest referrers

  • Do you have a referrer that’s not bringing in as many views? Take a moment to think whether you’re actively sharing your Linktree to this platform. Try giving this platform a little more love to see what impact this brings to your total views and clicks, and whether this might be a growing follower base.

Grow your list of referrers to create new streams of followers

  • This one’s simple – the more places you share your Linktree, the more likely you are to reach new followers and continue to grow your fanbase.

Use Country/City Analytics to identify your key follower segments

Our Top Locations chart can help you to identify exactly where you’re most popular.  Use city data to localize your marketing campaigns or content to be relevant to this key segment. Is there a big cultural or community event going on where your followers are from? Offer a promotion. Or use this data to reprioritize your marketing efforts so that you’re spending your time where there is the most potential.  

Linktree's location map that highlights the views, clicks and CTR per country.

Analytics for making/collecting money

If you’re using our “Support Me” or “Request” links, we’ve got dedicated Commerce Link Analytics to help you understand more about the total revenue you’re bringing in. Here we share your Conversion Rate, which is the percentage of clicks on your commerce link that resulted in a visitor payment. The higher your conversion rate, the more successful your Commerce Link is.


Commerce Analytics chart that shows gross revenue of Linktree's commerce link

Now that you’ve learned the ins and outs of Linktree Analytics, it’s time to set your goals, create your campaigns, and watch the data climb.


Words By Karla Belista

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