Get involved with charity Movember without growing a mustache

Four ways to support Movember (without the ‘stache)

If your face can’t handle the fuzz, here are some ways you can raise awareness and funds for men’s health charities this month.

Get involved with charity Movember without growing a mustache

Ever notice how men are scruffier in November? It’s not just the imminent cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere that keeps them from shaving, but rather a worthy cause. Movember is an annual fundraising event that raises awareness and money for men’s health issues, namely prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

Movember was started in 2003 by two friends in Australia who wanted to raise money for health issues. They launched the Movember Foundation and asked 30 of their close friends—“Mo Bros”—to participate by growing a mustache. Since then, Movember has raised $911 million USD and funded more than 1,250 men’s health projects in over 20 countries.

So, if Movember is all about the mustache, you may be wondering, why are there so many beards on social media right now. Movember is not to be confused with No-Shave November, another (but newer) November men’s awareness charity with different programming. Unlike Movember, No-Shave November doesn’t require men to grow a mustache but rather give up facial grooming altogether. The idea behind the U.S.-based organization is for men to embrace their hair, which many cancer patients lose, and donate the money otherwise used for shaving and grooming, according to the non-profit No-Shave November website.

Participating in either the Movember or No-Shave November charity is pretty straightforward for guys. But for those without facial hair, how to get involved isn’t so obvious. Ahead, four ways individuals and brands can support the Movember movement that have nothing to do with grooming.

1. MOVE for Movember

Move for Movember is a physical challenge run by the Movember Foundation. By logging a total of 60 miles in November, participants can raise awareness and money to fund mental health and wellness programs. Why 60? According to the foundation, one man commits suicide every minute of every day. “Commit to walking or running 60 miles over the month. That’s 60 miles for the 60 men we lose each hour, every hour – the men who should still be here today.” Here’s how to get started:

  • Sign up for the Move for men’s health challenge at
  • Get moving! Hit the treadmill, go for a walk outside. Log miles on or connect your fitness device. You can do this solo or join a team. See if any fitness studios near you are participating, like your local YMCA.
  • Bring awareness. Post a selfie to show people you’re serious about Movember or send an email to get support or involve your community.
  • Raise money. Reach out to friends and family for a donation.

2. Host a Mo-ment event

The Mo-vember Foundation makes it easy to host your very own “Mo-ment,” or event to raise money for men’s health. The organization’s website has an event host hub with tons of information and guides on how to host a proper event, including how to fundraise and checklists. The organization posts all of the Mo-ments on its website and often shares them across its social media pages to amplify the message.

If you are running a brand or small business, hosting an event is a good opportunity to raise your business profile, informing people of your company’s values and social good initiatives. Getting your audience aligned with worthy causes you support can lead to better engagement and retention. It’s a win-win for you and Movember.

If you can’t host an event, you can attend one! There are hundreds of Movember events worldwide, from happy hours to golf tournaments. You can even attend a virtual event, such as online trivia.

3. Raise awareness on social media

Without social media, No-Shave November and Movember wouldn’t have the momentum they have today. It’s only November 1 and there are already 2.2 million Instagram posts tagged #movember. Log on to Twitter or Facebook and you’re sure to find Mo Bros and Mo Sisters pledging their commitments. Participants sharing their mustache-growing process and stories is one of the main reasons the campaign caught on quick—it’s just so engaging!

From deeply personal stories about men’s health issues to documenting facial hair growth, creating content for social media is a great way to drive awareness. As an individual, share a post about why and how you are getting involved. For those not growing out their facial hair, talk about why this cause matters to you and how you are supporting it.

As a brand or business, announce that you will be donating funds, and ask your audience to do the same. To get more hashtags going, try experimenting with a marketing campaign, such as a giveaway. For instance, the UK-based craft beer company INDII Brew Co teamed up with Movembeer to give away, you guessed it, beer. All they are asking for in return is that users follow them, like, and share the post, which boosts potential audience reach to inform others about the Movember movement.

Whether you’re a brand, business, or just one person, tagging your posts with #movember or #noshavenovember on social media platforms increases awareness about the cause.

4. Make a donation to Movember and No-Shave November

This last tip is the most obvious: donate! The Movember Foundation and No-Shave November make it easy for you to do this by making a payment directly on their website.

Movember allows you to donate once or monthly, or to donate to a specific team raising money. All proceeds go towards men’s health projects funded directly by Movember or through their partners. No-Shave November donations operate the same way, minus the monthly recurring option.

If you’re thinking of spearheading donations for a group of people or your brand, you can set up your own personal fundraising pages on either platform, registering as a team. With Movember, you can make your own Movember challenge with their “Mo Your Own Way” option. Here, the sky’s the limit: you can decide to do dares to raise funds, or challenge yourself to break a world record.

Linktree makes it easy for you to collect money for donations with the Commerce Links Integration, specifically the Support Me link type. Support links function as sort of a ‘tip jar,’ where visitors can designate their own donation amount and the payment partner they’d like to use (both PayPal and Square are options). By paying you in-app, the process is seamless and straightforward, which can be a big incentive for visitors to donate.

It’s estimated that approximately 34,130 men will die from prostate cancer in the United States this year, according to With that being said, there’s no time like the present to get involved in an important charitable cause.

Movember and No-Shave November may only come once a year, but the foundations work nonstop to support life-saving men’s health projects and crucial research. If you don’t want to—or can’t—grow facial hair, know that there are plenty of ways you commit to these worthy causes, like the four we just named.

If it’s in your power to raise awareness—and money—do it. You’ll inspire your community to support you, and an important cause.


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