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How To Earn Money as a Creator With Payment Lock on Linktree

Earning money as a creator can be challenging.

Payments weren’t built into the original infrastructure of the internet, so advertising became the primary way to make money online. For creators, this means relying on getting a ‘cut’ from advertisers or working directly with them to get paid. Both these methods only work when you have a large following.

Creators with modest followings thus often find it difficult to make money from their fans.

Enter Linktree’s Beta version of Payment Lock.

With a Starter, Pro or Premium account, you can sell access to documents in seconds.

So how does it work?

It’s simple to add a Payment Lock to a document and charge fans directly who want to access the exclusive content. Visitors can access a purchased document right on your Linktree. They’ll also receive a copy of the content in their email, so they can view it whenever they want.

Payment Lock is a great option for selling everything from your latest ebook or newsletter to recipes. Here are just some of the ways to use Payment Lock.

  • Monetize knowledge: Sell workout plans, recipes, and documents in PDF form.
  • Monetize skills: Sell your files and other digital goods in PDF form.
  • Monetize writing: Sell one-time access to your article, short story or poem in PDF form.
Payment Lock on Linktree

But How Do I Get Paid?

It’s simple. Just link your PayPal or Square account as a payment provider in your Linktree’s settings and then create your link by following the detailed steps found here.

You can charge anything for access to your document up to a maximum of $150 USD.

You’ll be notified via email when a follower pays for your content. The email will be sent to the address associated with your Linktree account and will include the time of purchase and which document was unlocked.

An email from your payment provider will be sent to the email address associated with your Linktree account to let you know that someone has purchased your content.

Please note that per Linktree’s Community Standards, Payment Lock cannot be used to sell or distribute adult content.

If you delete a document from your Linktree that has a Payment Lock, the visitors that paid for it will still have access via the email they received when they completed their purchase.

If you plan on making your locked content available for a limited time only, you should include a description for your visitors to notify them how long the content will be available.

That’s it! Sign up for Linktree or upgrade your account and start making money with our Beta of Payment Lock today.

If you have any questions about setting up Payment Lock for Linktree, please contact our customer support team at support@linktr.ee.


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