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How do I put a link in my LinkedIn Bio?

Finally – here’s how to put a link in your LinkedIn Bio.

Trying to figure out how to put a link in your LinkedIn Bio?

You’re not alone.

With 49 million people using LinkedIn for work every week, getting seen on the platform can mean more leads for your business- but it’s also harder than ever.

And until recently, the only option for showcasing your work, portfolio, or website on LinkedIn was through your contact info, or at the end of your profile page in the experience section.

Knowing that the introduction, or ‘top of card’ section of a bio is what most recruiters look for first, users have been left wondering just how do I put a link in my LinkedIn Bio?

So now LinkedIn is joining Instagram and Tiktok by letting users add a ‘Link In Bio’ section.

Here’s everything you need to know about what a LinkedIn Bio is, how it works, and WHY you should add a link in your LinkedIn bio…


What is a LinkedIn bio link?

LinkedIn’s new addition to its profile section means that anyone with a creator account can add a single, visible link in their bio.

This means that unlike previously, where you were limited to three links (hidden in your contact info) – you can now add unlimited links to your LinkedIn by adding your Linktree.

So when potential employers, clients, or followers find your profile – they can access your work, resume, socials, or content within the first few seconds.

And while it’s never been hard to showcase past work and talent on LinkedIn – the update offers another way for users to take their connections one step further and leverage LinkedIn to build a community.

It will also make it much easier for LinkedIn users to grow and monetize their following – both on and off the platform – and to build an authentic network, regardless of industry.



Nikole Brake's Linkedin profile on the left with her location New York and her Linktree link. On the right is a screenshot of her Linktree profile with her title "Founder of Shape Shifters" and three links below.

Here’s how to put a Link in your Linkedin Bio.

Step 1:

Adding your Linktree to your LinkedIn bio might not seem obvious at first – and that’s because you need to set your LinkedIn to creator mode.

(To do this, scroll down your LinkedIn profile to resources, and turn creator mode ‘on’)

Step 2:

Once creator mode is enabled, head over to your profile and click the ‘edit’ button.

Step 3:

When you reach the ‘website section’ you can add a link that will be displayed at the top of your profile:

Screenshot of field where you add your Linktree profile link on LinkedIn.

Check to see how it looks and you’re ready to get discovered!

This link will be clearly displayed in the ‘top of card’ section of your bio – meaning it’ll be the first thing recruiters, or followers, click on.

And, because just like on Instagram and Twitter, you only get one link, LinkedIn users are being smart by adding their Linktree – so they can showcase as much work, experience, or content as they want.

Jamal Avery Linkedin profile with title Entrepreneur & Co-founder of Avery Clothing. His location is Los Angeles and his Linktree URL is displayed at the bottom.

What does this mean for users?

For LinkedIn users in any industry, it’s now going to be a lot easier to stand out and connect with the right people. The new change is especially great for creators or artists who may have struggled up until now to showcase work on the platform.

Unlike before, they no longer only need to rely on adding featured posts, or videos, to their profile as experience – they can also send potential followers straight to their portfolios and social media instead.

But, the change is also good news for corporate users on the platform. Being able to add a ‘Link to Bio’ makes resumes, testimonials, and awards easier to showcase, and it makes it faster for recruiters to find and screen candidates, too.


How LinkedIn is Embracing the Creator Economy

One of the most exciting things about LinkedIn’s new addition is that it shows how LinkedIn, like Linktree, is becoming a bigger player in the creator economy.

They’ve recently added a creator mode and podcasting to the platform, and now, by adding a link in bio, they’re helping creators to use the platform to grow an audience – not just to network.

Anyone who wants to build a following can now use LinkedIn as a traffic source for things like Youtube, blogs, or events. This will likely lead to more engagement on the platform, and help get users to feel excited about sharing content and building communities on the platform.

The new change also shows that LinkedIn is interested in a younger audience and listening to creators (just look at how often ‘How to put a link in Linkedin Bio?’ get’s asked on TikTok) It’s exciting to see the platform embracing the future of work, and it proves what we’ve always known – that LinkedIn is here to stay.

What’s next?

If you don’t have your Linktree in your LinkedIn bio, now might be the time to change that.

The new ‘Link in Bio’ feature will make it easy for anyone to get their content and brand in front of people who want something more long-term than just entertainment.

Whether you’re a creator hungry for a new audience, or a professional trying to show employers that you’ve got more to offer – LinkedIn is finally giving you the chance.


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