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How creator Brownies & Lemonade connects with their fans

Building meaningful connections between creators and their audiences has become an essential way to not only deepen community and to build trust, but to ultimately help creators grow their businesses.

Earlier this year, Linktree and Community came together in partnership to help creators deepen these connections and scale their reach, and creators Brownies & Lemonade share how both tools have helped them get closer to their fans.

For Brownies & Lemonade, LA’s most prolific DIY party brand, connecting with their followers, no matter where they are, has been integral to their business. 

Brownies & Lemonade began when co-founders hosted apartment parties in college at the University of California, Los Angeles. After school, they brought the parties to bars and warehouses. Their loyal followers gained momentum and eventually led to them hosting at larger venues. Now, Brownies & Lemonade host 70-100 events a year across festivals, tours, international events, destination experiences and more. They also stream 4-5 times a week to their fans on Twitch, which they began doing during the pandemic to reach and monetize audiences outside of in-person events.

Getting information to their fans on upcoming events and content has become massively important for Brownies & Lemonade’s growing business. Eventually, they began to use Community: a text messaging service that connects creators or businesses directly to their audience. “Community has become the most important marketing tool we use,” shares the brand’s founder, Kush Fernando. “It’s offered us a direct means of contacting our dedicated fans.”

For Kush, the benefit of texting is the ability to share important news with their audience, exactly when they want to.

Sending texts with updates about our moves has given us the power to instantly notify our audience about anything we need them to know about. We use Community as our primary marketing tool over email newsletters and social media.

Brownies & Lemonade also swear by Linktree – using it not only as a link in bio service to manage their business, but as a high-conversion website: 

“Linktree has replaced our website as a central place and hub to find out all of the general info about our company, and the Community Link on our Linktree sees the most clicks out of all of our links. The partnership between Community and Linktree elevates our fan experience, and we are thrilled both have come together to provide this to other brands and businesses.” says Kush.


Build your audience with Linktree and Community

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Creators can collect SMS sign-ups directly on their Linktree by adding the Community Link to their Linktree profile. Through Community’s SMS platform, you can send updates, check stats, sell products, and reply to messages instantly. Community makes it simple to start conversations that drive impact for you and your brand, giving you the opportunity to actively listen to what your followers want, so you can best serve them. 

“Community’s partnership with Linktree creates the perfect opportunity to maximize the fan experience,” said David Ross, SVP of Growth and Revenue at Community. “With one link and one Community number, you’re instantly connected to an audience that can immediately drive sales, engagement, content consumption, and more for brands and businesses.”


An exclusive offer for you from Community

Are you new to Community, and ready to give it a try? You’re in luck – Community has an exclusive offer for Linktree users. 

Until September 21st, get 10% off your first year on Community. To redeem, just head to this site and enter this code: Linktree10for12



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