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Here’s what we were linking to on Linktree in 2022

2022 has been a year of incredible change. The world mostly opened back up after nearly two years of COVID restrictions, and from the data we see, the world took full advantage of it. 

We wined and dined with friends, we went to the theatre, we booked that trip we’d put off. Not only did we go back outside and experience what the world has to offer, but the new habits and joys we found during our days inside remained with us in 2022.  

To link back to the year that’s been, we decided to do a deep dive into what we were linking the most in 2022. Here’s what we found.

Reconnecting with Friends, Family and Fun

Airbnb ranks #1 in travel on Linktree

We took advantage of our newfound freedom and escaped our houses to … stay in someone else’s house. Jokes aside, lockdowns and curfews have increased our desire to see the world again with the number of travel-related links increasing by 55% in 2022. 

Airbnb was the most popular travel-related site linked across the board; people are not only becoming more comfortable with traveling but also opening up their homes again for visitors. More broadly, whether it was securing a deal with, or using TripAdvisor to determine our travel itineraries, 2022 was the year we spread our wings and enjoyed what the world had to offer once again. 

The revival of live entertainment

Whether it’s tickets to Taylor Swift or Phantom of the Opera before it leaves Broadway, the number of  links to popular entertainment-related sites increased by a whopping 75%. With events opening back up as restrictions eased, we’re excited to see the entertainment sector flourish once again. We found that Eventbrite was the most popular site for entertainment, closely followed by Ticketmaster; so whether it’s the theatre, a festival, concert or a movie night,  we simply can’t wait to get back out there and enjoy the arts. 

An appetite for dining 

Takeout has been replaced by treating ourselves to fine dining, and with so many people looking to eat out, booking a dinner reservation was hotly contested. We’re spending more time out enjoying what dining has to offer with popular booking site links increasing by 41%. Reservation sites such as OpenTable, Resy, and Seven Rooms saw a huge uptick in links and clicks. Just be sure to close the tab when you leave!

What were we obsessed with?

Linktrees of prominent people


With the gaming industry expected to grow by 7.5% per year until 2025, we don’t see this trend slowing down any time soon. This year, gaming and esports links increased by 6%, and  popular games such as Riot Games’ Valorant and Electronic Arts’ FIFA also joined Linktree this year. 

Retail therapy  

Social media has more power than ever to inform our purchase decisions. The hashtag  #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has more than 30.5 billion views, so it’s no surprise most of the businesses on our top 10 list have been harnessing TikTok to put their products in front of a highly-engaged audience. 

In 2022, we purchased viral beauty products, supported local businesses, shopped looks curated by influencers, and made sustainable fashion choices. 

Our favorite sports team

The world opening up again meant sporting events and games were back and we saw some notable sports teams join Linktree such as NBAChicago Bulls, and Real Madrid CF.  

The creator economy

Frankie LaPenna appears inside the zero in 2022

Celebrities, artists and creators all harnessed the power of Linktree 

Whether it’s a red carpet event, a sold out tour or a viral social media post, we  welcomed some incredible names onto Linktree this year including: artists Demi Lovato, Halsey, and Marshmello; celebrities Robert Downey Jr, Paris Hilton, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas; and some notable creators who are taking the internet by storm such as cook and filmmaker Babish’s Culinary Universe and social media star Frankie La Penna.

Cost of living and monetization is top of mind 

Linktree has seen a huge increase in users taking advantage of monetization features. 

After crunching the numbers, in 2022 Linktree averaged 19.7M clicks to monetization links monthly and garnered 21.2M clicks in October alone. What’s interesting is these links aren’t exclusive to a particular category of user, rather we’re seeing a variety of Linkers from fitness trainers to farmers to life coaches making the most of the monetization features Linktree has on offer. 

The creator economy is bigger than ever before

We reached more than 30 million users in 2022 and we couldn’t be more excited to see people harnessing the power of Linktree. These are the top growing categories we saw in 2022 based on monthly account creations:  

  • Influencer/creator
  • Business professional
  • Gaming/esports
  • Music
  • Creative

What this tells us is that the creator economy is not only growing, but diversifying as well. While the future of the creator economy remains unclear, we can anticipate further growth as more people join in either a full-time, part-time or on a side hustle basis. We can also anticipate more diversification of links as users look for new ways to expand their streams of revenue.

BeReal blew up, but TikTok stayed on top  

BeReal took over our lives with its chaotic and fun feature in 2022 — on Linktree, the two-year-old photo-sharing service saw a whopping 1232% increase in monthly link creations. Posting a photo of what you’re doing to your friends whenever the app chooses has been the highlight of many people’s days.

While BeReal has seen a meteoric rise, TikTok shows no sign of slowing down with a 177% increase in monthly link creations on Linktree.

These are the top five social platforms that we saw grow the most on Linktree:

  • BeReal: +1232%
  • TikTok: +117%
  • Instagram: +66%
  • LinkedIn: +38%
  • Pinterest: +26%

What a year we’ve had! It’s been awesome to see what we all linked to in 2022, and how we navigated the world as it slowly opened up again. Excited to link more with you in 2023!


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