zapier linktree new features qr

Fresh new features alert: QR codes, link icons, Zapier and more!

Hello, new release! We just rolled out a tonne of fresh features to not only make your links convert, but help you capture your audience wherever they are!

zapier linktree new features qr

The top 3? QR codes, Zapier workflow integrations and a brand new icon library to help you streamline the visual experience of your links. 

QR Codes

They’ve been in the works for a little while now, and it’s a feature that has everyone here talking. 

You can access and download your Linktree QR code now in your account, and add it as a visual asset to your merch, stickers, profiles and content. It’s an intuitive way to promote and monetize your art, and we’re seeing creatives already rolling it out in their work! For contactless hospitality, QR codes can help you to take care of your staff and your guests, share menus and digitally check in to manage contact tracing. 

Use QR Codes to:

  • Share your Linktree on physical products 
  • Easily give your audience access to your content across multiple platforms 
  • Visually share your profile through posts 
  • Connect with potential customers and collaborators without carrying business cards 
  • Improve tracking and analytics for non-digital advertising

Zapier Integration

This is one for the deep marketers using Linktree PRO. Our Zapier integration is now live, giving you the power to connect Linktree to thousands of other applications and workflows, build automated funnels, and remove the friction from your marketing and comms processes. 

Through Zapier’s Webhooks tool, you are now able to connect your Linktree account and choose from a range of possible combinations, leveling up your existing tools with our functionality.

The Zapier feature release is designed to make Linktree an embedded part of your marketing ecosystem, and we’re going to be building out use cases and examples to help you redesign how you work. 

Use Zapier to:

  • Add a subscriber to Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo or Mailchimp
  • Send new contacts a personal message using Gmail
  • Update your Google Sheets
  • Send updates to your Slack
  • Send Twilio SMS messages
  • Automate manual processes involving Linktree

Link Icon Library

If you’re thinking about the user experience of Linktree for your audience, using the new Link Icons PRO feature is a great way to start changing it up. Icons are a visual asset that make it easier for you to communicate with a range of users across language and useability barriers. Right now, we’re bringing a library of 550+ icons to Linktree that you can use to elevate your links.

Use Link Icons to:

  • Make key links and content stand out 
  • Better communicate and differentiate your channels
  • Avoid issues with language barriers 
  • Improve your accessibility

Got more ideas? Bring them on. 

If you have feature requests and ideas that you think would improve how you use Linktree, we are ready to listen. The only way we can continue to make our platform the best it can be is if we keep in touch with the people who are out there working with it every single day, and that’s you.

We want to hear how you’re using your new features! Head over to the Linktree User Club on Facebook and share your revamped profile with us – we’ll whizz it by the team for instant feedback.


Words By Henry Clarke

3 mins

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