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Earth Day 2022; Linktrees That are Putting the Planet First

Earth day 2022 is here, and honestly, it’s about time. Starting in the ‘70s, Earth day has only gotten bigger and better – and we’ve never needed it more than now.

With the spotlight on climate change, creatives are finding new ways to fight climate change and show our world some love. And today, we wanted to highlight some of our Linktree users doing just that. 

At Linktree, we think every day should be Earth day. Here are some of the Linktree users that already act like it is.

1. Marine Biologist Madeleine St Claire has made waves as a conservation filmmaker and content creator. She’s also an advocate for eco-tourism, an ethical swimwear designer, and the founder of a non-profit fighting for gender equality in marine science.

2. Joar Berge (otherwise known as the ‘cow whisperer’) has amassed a following online thanks to his adorable rescue cows and his passion for animal advocacy. He shares his journey as an ethical farmer, the founder of an animal sanctuary, and a plant-based content creator to inspire others to respect animals.

3. David Dayag combines his passion for astronomy with photography to share a rare glimpse of our galaxy with the world. His Instagram, Youtube and website contain incredible shots of planets, stars, and space – connecting visitors with the wonders of our planet and beyond.

4. Award-winning Joe Martucci makes it his mission to demystify the weather, with his podcast on how weather impacts our everyday lives. He also releases local updates to help residents navigate the changing weather patterns of climate change.

5. Shayla Cabrera shares her passion for ‘plant parenting’ with her community, online and at home. She uses workshops, fun content, and consultations to teach gardening and to make sure anyone, anywhere, can connect with nature and find joy through plants.

6. Patricia Buzo, author of ‘A Family Guide to Terrariums for Kids’ helps make plants and ecosystems fun through Terrarium building. Whether through her gallery of homemade terrariums on Instagram, or her plant-care blog posts, she proves that you don’t need a garden to have a green thumb.

7. Milo uses his experience as an archeology and environmental science major to create content that makes world history fun and relevant. From his deep dives on Youtube to his fact-filled TikTok, he’s on a mission to debunk conspiracies and teach people about the Earth’s past.  

8. Jack Hancock spends his time advocating for animal rights, environmental conservation, and a more compassionate way of living. As a documentary maker, a course creator, and a willing volunteer in the Vegan movement, Jack is an inspiration for a more compassionate way of living.

With all the amazing ways our users are finding to show our planet some love, you don’t have to go far to find inspiration for your Earth Day 2022 celebrations.

And, if you really want to keep the fun going, try adding sustainable habits into your life all year round, by shopping more sustainably, trying more plant-based meals, or switching to sustainable brands.  

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