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Creators come in many shapes and sizes, but they all share an entrepreneurial mindset that drives them to continue developing themselves and their work. No matter what their field is, today’s creators are on the lookout for new apps and tools that can help them improve their workflows, reach new audiences, and ultimately support themselves monetarily.

At Linktree, we empower creators with the tools they need to expand their businesses and curate their digital universe. Already the most-used link-in-bio platform on the market, we’re expanding Linktree into a one-stop destination – not just for links, but for the many other ways that you can share, connect, grow and monetize your audience with engaging, embedded experiences.

At Linktree, we call them Link Apps – and you can find them on our newest platform, the Linktree Marketplace.

The Linktree logo mark and the word "Marketplace", surrounded by the logos of apps and platforms who have Link Apps available on Marketplace. Soundcloud, Twitter, Twitch, Cameo, Shopify, Reddit and more!

Introducing the new Linktree Marketplace

The new Linktree Marketplace is a convenient directory for the 30+ new Link Apps and integrations you can find on Linktree. Now, you can easily discover the elements you need to create engaging, streamlined, conversion-driving experiences for your audiences. You’ll find the Spotify App, TikTok App and all of the Link Apps you already love on Marketplace, plus four new Linktree partners: Cameo, Gleam.io, Typeform and Reddit – with many more to come!

“Our 25 million creators have unique needs, and we’re constantly considering new ways we can provide richer, more engaging tools for creators to connect with their audience,” says Susan He, Group Product Manager at Linktree. “Starting with 30+ Link Apps and integrations from the brands they know and love, Linktree’s Marketplace will help creators unify their digital presence and become a one-stop-shop for the tools and services they need to be successful.”

Starting today, you’ll be able to access the new partner directory on Linktree Marketplace, which can be found in the Explore Menu in your Linktree admin or on the Linktree website. From there, you’ll be able to browse all available integrations and Link Apps to find the best fits for your unique needs.

Currently, our ever-expanding roster of integrations and Link Apps includes:

  • Music streaming platforms: Spotify, SoundCloud, and Audiomack
  • Ecommerce platforms: Shopify and Spring
  • Payment platforms: PayPal, Venmo, and Square
  • Social media platforms: TikTok, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Video and streaming platforms: Twitch, Vimeo, and YouTube
  • Marketing & growth tools: Typeform, Gleam.io, and Community.com
  • And more: OpenSea, GoFundMe, Bandsintown, and Cameo

Let’s get to know the four new kids on the Linktree block, shall we?

The Cameo logomark.
The Linktree of a creator named Zola Johnson, with a Cameo Link App displayed. It says "Request a Cameo" and shows a number of available Cameo videos for Zola's visitors to watch, right in their Linktree.

Cameo helps fans celebrate special moments, like birthdays, holidays and weddings with personalized video messages from their favorite celebrities, influencers, and creators. Now, with the Cameo Link App, you can showcase your Cameo profile right from your Linktree and get more requests.

The Gleam logomark.
The Linktree of a creator called Sketch & Story, displaying a Gleam Link App. Gleam is a platform that hosts competitions, and the available ways to enter this one is to follow Sketch on Twitter or Instagram.

Gleam.io helps creators grow their audiences with giveaways, competitions, opt-in forms, coupon unlocks and more. The Gleam.io Link App will help drive more traffic and increase participation in your campaigns by making them easily accessible from your Linktree.

The Typeform logomark
Nikole Brake's Linktree with a Typeform Link App displayed. The form asks "How are you today?" and the available answers are "On top of the world", "Pretty great", "Is it Friday yet?" and "Don't ask".

Typeform makes user-friendly surveys, forms, and quizzes. Its unique conversational experience can help achieve higher completion rates and more thoughtful responses. The new Typeform Link App will make it easier for you to get answers by allowing visitors the option to respond right in your Linktree – or in their own browser if they prefer.

The Reddit logo.
A Linktree belonging to a creator called "Red Dog". You can see a Link App displaying Red Dog's Reddit profile including their Karma, Cake Day and a button to visit their profile on Reddit.

Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms, loved by niche interest communities the world over as a space to discuss hobbies and interests. With the Reddit Link App, you can embed a preview of your Reddit profile into your Linktree so your fans can stay up to date with your latest posts.

How Link Apps and integrations can help you accomplish your goals

Link Apps make it easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for – and when your visitors can get what they want, that means you get what you want: streams, donations, visits, purchases, and more. Already, Linktrees receive 1.8 clicks per visit on average. With Link Apps, your visitors will have access to more experiences in one place, which can help drive more traffic and keep your visitors in your ecosystem for longer.

As Nick Rizzuto, Head of Partnerships and Innovation at Linktree puts it:

“Our aim is to enable our 25M creators to bring the power of all of these fantastic tools directly into their Linktree – the place they’ve selected as their online home. We are ecstatic to have best-in-class partners like Reddit, Cameo, Typeform, GoFundMe, SoundCloud, Spring, and BandsInTown, who have collaborated to build custom solutions for our shared users and to mark our first steps toward this vision of further serving the unique needs of the creator community. We can’t wait to see what experiences our partners and developers build into Linktree in the future.”

So, what does this mean for you, on your Linktree? Working with our select partners at Reddit, Typeform, Gleam.io and Cameo has allowed us to define and refine our developer tools. Now, Linktree is open to the best developers from all of your favorite apps and platforms, so they can leave their mark and build new tools that you’ll love on Linktree.

Before, we at Linktree built every app that you’ve been using. Now any platform or app can collaborate with us to expand the variety of Link Apps available on your Linktree. The sky is the limit, and we’re excited to see how we can shape the future of Linktree together!

Are you ready to grow your digital universe with Linktree? With just one link, you can grow and monetize your following across all social platforms.


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