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Linktree Is Taking Your Clubhouse to the Next Level

Increase your Clubhouse engagement and build your following directly from Linktree with these new features

In a little over a year, Clubhouse has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, amassing more than 10 million users since its 2020 launch. Similar to Linktree, Clubhouse began as a free, purpose-driven tool aimed at helping people create their own space to share ideas, innovate, and connect.

What’s Clubhouse?

The audio-driven social media app lets users chat with others in a variety of settings. It’s invitation-only but widely available on both iOS and Android so you probably know someone on there who can send you an invite. There are Open rooms, which all Clubhouse members can join regardless of an invite, Social rooms available to only the people you follow, and Closed rooms, which are invitation-only rooms for private chats. You can choose to have spontaneous meetings or pre-scheduled events.

People love Clubhouse for its ability to create personal, meaningful connections with others—particularly during a pandemic year where the effects of social isolation and physical connection were fraught and felt. Because we admire what Clubhouse stands for, and love using it ourselves, we sought out ways to integrate the app within our own.

Direct your followers to your latest Clubhouse Event

Linktree’s latest link-detection feature gives users the ability to customize and share details about events and rooms on their Linktree page. These links are unique for several reasons. First, they utilize Clubhouse event details to provide a preview of the event. Instead of clicking on the link and going directly to the event in Clubhouse, your Linktree visitors can read further details about the event, including date, time, description, and speakers, all from your profile.

Clubhouse Events on Linktree

Promote your Clubhouse Room via your Linktree

For Clubhouse rooms, which differ from events as they are often private and happening in real time, visitors will be able to see the name of the room and who is in it before clicking to enter. If the event or room has ended, it will appear on the details as well. Event and room information is pulled directly from Clubhouse so it’s really easy to set up. Having these links enables visitors to engage with your Linktree and learn about your Clubhouse before deciding whether or not to click through.

Clubhouse Rooms On Linktree

Promote your Profile

These links are also unique because you can have as many as you want and are not limited to one event or room at a time. If you’re trying to build a presence for yourself on Clubhouse, these links are the perfect way for you to showcase everything you have to offer. Plus you will boost user engagement as visitors click to preview events and know to come back to your Linktree for future ones. Adding a link to your profile and/or add your Clubhouse profile to your social icons to grow your followers and engagement. You could also get a lot more traffic when people send your Linktree page to their friends, telling them to check out upcoming events. It’s a win-win.

clubhouse social icon

More Linktree Clubhouse Features

Linktree will automatically convert the date and time of your event to the visitor’s time zone, so you can have people all around the world tune at the exact same time. PRO users can also utilize the scheduling feature to set the start and end time of Clubhouse links so you can have the link disappear as the event is done.

Linktree’s Clubhouse links are available to all our users—free and PRO—and we hope you take advantage of them. Just follow this step-by-step guide to add Clubhouse events and rooms on your Linktree today.  And don’t forget to join Linktree on Clubhouse to stay connected on updates, product features, and the hottest social media trends.


Words By Melissa Katz

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