Linktree for music

Linktree Best Practices for Musicians

See how musicians, artists, record labels and festivals use Linktree to drive streams, sell tickets, sell merch, and more.

The Linktree team loves music—our co-founders have always worked very closely with bands, festivals and labels and a few of us have side hustles in the industry. Because of that network effect, it was one of the first communities we saw soar on Linktree.

We’re now used widely by artists like Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige and Metallica, Selena Gomez, record labels, music venues, festivals, music media and radio stations. Even the GRAMMYs gives Linktree its regal thumbs up! We’ve seen some great implementation of the Linktree tools and made dedicated tools with music in mind:

  • Music Links – a free feature that automatically detects and displays a song, album, or playlist across all music streaming services to help ensure fans can listen on their preferred service.
  • Commerce Links – Sell tickets directly to fans or ask for tips to support your music with a feature that lets you collect funds through PayPal and Square.
  • Spring – this social commerce tool embeds a mini storefront right on your Linktree so you can sell more merch
  • Priority linksa Pro feature that means you can create a highlighted or animated link, perfect for a single release or tour announce.
  • Wide range of social icons – get your Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube, and more icons on there!
  • Facebook pixel integration – a fab way of following your audience and knowing who’ll care about your news.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest Linktree music profiles out there.

Streaming new music with Wiz Khalifa

Global rap superstar teams up with SK8 and EDM duo DVBBS for the hit “Girl Next Door,” which dropped in June 2021. Wiz shares the single on his Linktree, allowing his audience to hear an audio preview and click to stream it on their preferred music platform. View it here →

Wiz Khalifa Linktree with Girl Next Door Music Link

Rap star Wiz Khalifa uses Music Links for his songs Girl Next Door and Activated.

Making the most with MadeinTYO

This genre-busting artist fuses rap with amusing lyrics, like his 2016 track ‘Uber Everywhere‘. (He clearly has a thing for digital tools.) It’s the functionality of his neat profile that we love.

View it here →

Linktree for music

The range of places you can send your traffic to through Linktree is what makes it such a good fit for music artists. People have preferred places they stream their music from – make sure you give them options to discover you across platforms.

MadeinTYO has tapped into those options really well, using the social icons (available with Pro) to ensure his audience connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and YouTube, as well as Instagram.

Not only that, but his links take the audience to really diverse places. You can buy tickets to his live shows, can discover his album across any music platform and view his latest video on YouTube.

Other options for artists include linking to merch, to mixtapes and to album reviews. Just keep the text in those links really concise to let the audience know really clearly where they’re headed.

One great tool for making sure your language is easily understood is Hemingway. You can paste your text into the site and get a readability score, as well as hints at how to improve it. Give it a try!


Maintaining 2Pac’s legacy

Linktree isn’t just for the living, it’s also for the legends passed. Tupac’s team uses Linktree to keep his work reaching new audiences.

View it here →

Linktree 2pac

It’s a really slick design, which perfectly represents the 2Pac ‘brand’ and the image selected fits really well around the link buttons.

How does your image fit?

Something you should always check when uploading your own background image is image position. The links are always centred, so what you can see underneath them and between needs consideration.

You may even want to limit the number of links if the image is something really important to you. And remember to check desktop and mobile – you’ll get more space on desktop, so the image will display differently.

Be measured with your links

2Pac’s team has used just three links – that gives the audience options without overwhelming them. A Linktree with too many links can be confronting for the audience. We find between three and seven links works best.

Get their details!

If you’re doing things right, you’re going to be getting a lot of traffic to your Linktree. These people want content, so make lasting connections with this audience by capturing their emails for your newsletter. The 2Pac team does exactly that, integrating its Mailchimp . What’s even better is this all happens within the Linktree – you don’t get directed off page to another form. So once the audience has signed up, they’re still on your Linktree to explore more content!

Make lasting connections with your audience by capturing their details for your newsletter using the email integration.

To make the sign-up form happen on-page in your Linktree just add it in ‘Integrations’. Find out more here.


Super Stylin’ from TuneIn

Streaming service TuneIn uses Linktree’s tool for thumbnail imagery really well.

View it here →

Linktree for music

Thumbnail icons, available with Linktree Pro, make each link easily identifiable to the audience and break up the text. TuneIn has opted for square thumbnail icons, which cleverly reflects its boxed logo up top.

This design consideration also shines through in the palette they’ve chose for their custom theme. It’s good practice to have contrasting background and buttons – you want your links to stand out and your text to be readable.

Know your colors

When designing for the web, it’s good to consider your pages’ color accessibility. People with visual or color impairments may view your page entirely differently to what you anticipated, or not be able to see much at all.

When designing for the web, it's good to consider color accessibility. With Linktree you want button and background colors that contrast.

Oranges and reds can be especially problematic, whereas highly contrasting palettes tend to be more accessible. Test out the accessibility of your page with tools like Contrast Checker – pop in the colors you’re working with and you’ll get an accessibility score. It’s hard to get ticks for all their categories, but be aiming for around three.

Key Takeaways:

  • Link to multiple streaming platforms so your audience can connect where it matters to them.
  • Use priority links (a Pro feature) to draw attention to your most important link.
  • Refresh your content often – don’t just keep adding new links, have a look at the mix and make sure it’s timely.
  • Use concise language – you’ll drive more clicks.
  • Capture your audience’s email addresses with the email integration.
  • Think about color accessibility.

Now get out there and share your music with the world. We’ll be listening!


Words By Katie Smith

6 mins

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