Heart liking an Instagram post on a phone

25 free Instagram apps to grow your following like crazy

The best apps to help you create a lucrative social presence for your brand—without breaking the bank.

Heart liking an Instagram post on a phone

Getting more followers is a tireless, time-consuming process. With so many brands using Instagram for marketing, it can feel like there’s always something more you could be doing to reach new audiences and grow your following. Over the past few years, Instagram has become an essential part of every business’s social media strategy. And it’s easy to see why:

  • 90% of people on Instagram follow a business. That’s hundreds of millions of people that follow at least one company.
  • Instagram says 70% of shoppers look at the platform for their next purchase.
  • 50% of Instagram users are more interested in a brand when they see ads for it on Instagram.

Instagram has opened itself up to include more business-friendly features, such as business profiles, Stories, and ads, making it one of the most popular platforms for brands to thrive. It would be daft not to take advantage of this opportunity to build brand recognition.

While smart tactics and social media marketing strategies can help boost your brand awareness, you still need the right tools to facilitate real growth. To help you create an Instagram strategy without breaking the bank, here is a comprehensive list of the best free Instagram apps that will help you grow your following.

1. Best Free Link In Bio App for Instagram: Linktree

Linktree is an efficient tool that leads your audience to every vital aspect of your brand through one single link.

When a user clicks on the Linktree in your bio, they can see multiple links (including your website) and opportunities to engage with your brand directly, such as by paying for goods and services and tipping you using Commerce Links, entering their email to subscribe to a newsletter, or seeing your other social media profiles.

If you’re a musician, visitors can access your songs and albums on any streaming platform with Music Links, and if your business is sales, you can create a mini storefront in-app so they can shop directly. While PRO subscribers get additional perks, such as advanced analytics, there is so much you can do with a free account, too.

Why it works:
Linktree is among the top free Instagram apps because it lets creators elevate their followers’ experience. Since you are only allowed to highlight one link on your Instagram profile, Linktree is advantageous in that it shows visitors your entire digital presence, rather than having to choose one platform or website to display.

Anyone that clicks on your Linktree can discover your brand’s values, goals, and products in minutes. This makes it easier to attract new audiences and grow your following.

2. Best Free Follower Tracker App: FollowMeter

Best Free Follower Tracker App: FollowMeter

With FollowMeter, you can track who unfollowed you, posts that got the most engagement, users that view your Stories the most, ghost followers, and other crucial metrics.

As a business or brand, knowing who has unfollowed you shows a potential loss of interest from users within your target audience. This can tell you many things about your audience to better inform your strategy. It also seeds out users who follow accounts for a #followback and then unfollow them after a few days. These users don’t add anything to your community.

Why we like it:
FollowMeter helps you understand who is truly interested in your content and products. Plus it’s easy to use and lays out all the crucial insights on one page.

3. Best Free Repost App on Instagram: Regrann

Best Free Repost App on Instagram: Regrann

Instagram app Regrann open

Regrann is an app that lets you effortlessly share other users’ posts on your Instagram Feed. This enables businesses to share a customer’s posts or any informative post relevant to their audience with ease.

Why we like it:
Regrann is very easy to use. You can repost content immediately, save posts to share later, and share posts to other apps. The app also lets you download photos and videos from Instagram. Regrann even automatically credits the original poster in the caption, or you can give credit by enabling watermarks.

4. Best Free App to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram: Followers & Unfollowers

Followers & Unfollowers Instagram app

When you have thousands of followers, it’s difficult to keep track without an app to help. If you see a sudden drop in followers, it may be an Instagram issue so that’s why it’s important to keep tabs on your audience.

Followers and Unfollowers does what its name says: it shows you who follows you and who has unfollowed you. Tracking follower metrics helps brands create posts for the right audience and clear out ghost or spam accounts.

Why we like it:
Followers and Unfollowers streamlines account management so that you can focus on content creation and community engagement. It also allows you to mass unfollow up to 50 accounts at a single time.

5. Best Free Instagram App for Mac: Buffer

Buffer Instagram App

The only way to use Instagram on a Mac is through the official website, app, or a third-party tool like Buffer. Frustrating, right?

Buffer is a well-known scheduling tool for social media marketing. With the free plan, users can connect three social accounts, including an Instagram Business account, create posts, and line them up in a posting schedule.

Why we like it:
Using the free app and Safari Extension on Mac, you can directly add content you’d like to share to your queue. The free version limits how many posts you can have in your queue at once to 10. If that’s not enough, opting for the paid version unlocks advanced scheduling, analytics, reporting, team management, and more engagement features.

6. Best Free App for Free Instagram Followers: Turbo Followers

App Free Instagram Followers: Turbo Followers

Turbo Followers uses a coin-based system to encourage the millions of users in their community to follow other users and like their posts. Once you sign up on the platform, you can earn coins by following other users and then spend those coins to get followers for your own account.

The app claims to have over a million users, all of whom have to like and follow other accounts to get coins. This system consequently guarantees that you get real followers rather than bots.

Why we like it:
Since Turbo Followers’ coin-based system encourages real users to interact with your brand, you can effortlessly grow your following without using bots.

7. Best Free App for Instagram Likes: GetInsta

App for Instagram Likes: GetInsta

While marketing strategies and social media tools can help your business grow organically, there is an alternative method to gain likes and followers.

GetInsta is one of these methods. The platform boasts millions of users, who can earn coins by liking posts and then use the earned coins to buy followers and likes.

With millions of users liking each others’ posts, you can achieve organic growth, unlike other tools where you directly buy likes or use bots.

Why we like it:
GetInsta is a completely free online tool that makes it easier to expand your audience via real likes and followers with the help of like-minded users on the platform. You can also earn extra coins via Lucky Draw, Daily Rewards, and a daily Lucky Box.

8. Best Instagram Slideshow App: PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost Instagram App

Slideshows on Instagram are great for quickly displaying information, highlighting products, or telling a visual story. For example, brands can use slideshows to showcase the goods they sell or different product features.

PicPlayPost is a free app for creating slideshows. It is primarily a video and image editor that also enables you to create slideshows and collages.

Why we like it:
PicPlayPost goes beyond basic editing and enables users to craft photo and video collages. It allows you to build professional content for your target audience and grow your community.

9. Best Free App to Edit Instagram Photos: Snapseed

Best Free App to Edit Instagram Photos: Snapseed

Editing is critical for Instagram since your pictures speak for your brand. Google’s Snapseed app is a photo-editing tool with advanced features that enable precise fine-tuning and editing.

Why we like it:
Snapseed has 29 different tools, filters, and can open JPG and RAW files. It lets you tweak the exposure, white balance, contrast, and other elements. In addition, you can remove unwanted photo elements, add frames, and enhance faces.

10. Best Free Instagram Authorized App: Plann

Plann Instagram App

Plann is a social media management suite that offers a free Instagram scheduler. Marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners can plan a content schedule for Instagram, and Plann will do the rest for you.

Why we like it:
Plann lets free Android and iOS users schedule 30 Instagram posts per month. It also provides access to Canva so you can enhance your images before posting them. Free users also get analytics for a week, so they can see how their posts are doing and what their community connects most with.

11. Best Free Instagram Story App: GoDaddy Studio (formerly Over)

GoDaddy Over Instagram App

GoDaddy Instagram App

Instagram marketing is incomplete without Stories, and GoDaddy Studio is here to enable effortless story-telling. The app offers templates, stock videos and images, and a dynamic editor, so you can tell your brand’s story without breaking a sweat.

Why we like it:
GoDaddy Studio has a comprehensive stock video library that you can use for your Instagram Stories. Moreover, you can add text and graphics to Stories to help your brand stand out amongst competitors and reach more users.

12. Best Free Video Editing App For Instagram: InShot – Video Editor

Best Free Video Editing App For Instagram:

InShot is the best free video editor for Instagram because it offers professional-quality video editing features. Use InShot and you can tell a powerful, vivid story that resonates with your audience. Background music, filters, text, and stickers can help take your videos to the next level.

Why we like it:
InShot is very user-friendly, even for those without any technical skills. We particularly like the ability to remove parts of videos and split one video into multiple shorter ones. You can also merge clips and adjust the speed. All of these features help you create professional-grade videos in minutes.

13. Best Free Instagram App for Android: AutoHash

Best Free Instagram App for Android: AutoHash

What AutoHash Instagram app for Android looks like while using it

Hashtags rule Instagram. Your posts need the right hashtag to reach your target audience.

If you want to streamline your entire Instagram posting process, consider AutoHash. The app automatically adds the most relevant hashtags for your post using powerful algorithms.

Why we like it:
AutoHash removes the guesswork and extensive research required to find the right hashtags for your post. You no longer need to scour Instagram to see which hashtags you should use. Instead, the app’s algorithm has categorized hashtags for the most popular categories and will automatically apply them to your post.

The app also lets you count the number of hashtags you’re using, mark favorite hashtags for future use, and copy all the hashtags to your clipboard so that you can add them to your Instagram post quickly.

14. Best New Free Instagram App: Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite App

Instagram Lite is a more barebones version of Instagram. Launched in March 2021, this app has all the basic features of Instagram for users who want to simply post content and engage with their audiences. It’s literally the lighter alternative to Instagram because it doesn’t demand as much data and won’t take up as much space on your phone.

Why we like it:
For brands with multiple team members handling their social media, Instagram Lite is perfect for keeping everyone in the loop. Even those who don’t have the latest devices. Brands can post images and videos while engaging with the community without a hassle.

15. Best Free Instagram Filters App: VSCO

VSCO Instagram Filters App

VSCO Instagram Filters App has photo and video editing tools

VSCO is well known among Instagram users and has been a popular filters app for years. Users can add a bit of sparkle to their pictures with the app’s presets and editing tools. It also has a Discover section if you’re looking for inspiration on how to build your community.

Why we like it:
The free version makes image editing a breeze for creators and businesses. There are also plenty of presets and filters for users to turn a boring pic into a masterpiece.

16. Best Free App for Instagram Business: Later

Later social media marketing too

Later is a social media marketing tool that is primarily focused on Instagram. The free version lets users add an entire set of social media channels, so one account each on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok.

Why we like it:
Later is perfect for businesses. Even the free version has enough features for keeping your Instagram and other social channels for your brand up-to-date. Users can schedule 30 posts a month to each of their profiles and can utilize the Visual Instagram Planner and a basic version of Instagram analytics.

17. Best Free App to Schedule Instagram Posts: Combin

Combin App for Instagram

Combin is an Instagram marketing and content planning platform that has an intuitive Instagram scheduler. The scheduler has everything you need to plan and implement a content schedule.

Why we like it:
Combin lets you add 15 Instagram accounts, and you can schedule image posts and Stories for all of them for free. It also has a repost tool and allows bulk image uploads, along with user and location tagging. These features help with building an audience, brand awareness, and attracting followers.

18. Best Free Instagram App for Your Computer: Wave

Wave Instagram App features

Wave is a video creation and editing tool

Wave is a video creation and editing tool that helps you create stunning Instagram videos. With over 2 million royalty-free video clips and 300,000 audio tracks to choose from, businesses can create videos highlighting their work and their products in minutes.

Why we like it:
You have millions of video and audio options at your disposal, along with 600+ professional design templates, 300+ fonts, and auto-resizing for 30+ video formats, including Instagram.

You can also save brand presets, such as specific colors, fonts, logos, and apply them to future videos.

19. Best Free Instagram Borders App: Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post for Instagram

Adobe Spark Post lets you create outstanding graphics for social media in minutes. You can add text, borders, and graphics to your images to create beautiful designs for posters, image collages, informational posts, and anything else you like.

Why we like it:
Adobe Spark Post is a must-have if you want to wow your audience with vivid colors, fonts, borders, templates, filters, effects, and more. We love the Fresh Designs section, where users can get inspired by others’ works and form unique ideas for their own followers.

20. Best Free Instagram Management App: Agorapulse

Agorapulse Instagram Management App

Agorapulse is a leading social media management platform that lets you manage your Instagram account via post scheduling, analytics, and social CRM tools that reveal your most active followers, along with historical social interactions and labels to group users.

Why we like it:
Agorapulse is a powerful marketing and management platform, whose free plan lets you add 3 social profiles. You can schedule up to 40 posts per month, monitor comments, and track post campaigns using advanced labels. You also get access to their learning platform: Agorapulse Academy.

21. Best Free Instagram Likes App For Android: Turbo Like

Turbo Like App for Instagram

Turbo Like ensures you get thousands of real likes from other users on their platform. It’s among the easiest ways to get your content noticed on Instagram, where you’re competing with millions of active daily users for customer attention.

Why we like it:
Turbo Like uses a simple coin-based system where you earn coins by liking other users’ posts and then spend these coins to accumulate likes for your own content. Think of it as an NFT for the social world.

22. Best Free Get Likes For Instagram App: Everliker

Everliker App for Instagram

Everliker isn’t a standalone app. It’s actually a Chrome extension that brings attention to your Instagram account by automatically liking posts and viewing stories for you without collecting any of your login details. Using an API, it saves you a ton of time.

Why we like it:
You are entirely in control of which posts Everliker likes on your behalf and how many. More likes lead to a broader reach and a larger potential following. Users will notice your likes and, hopefully, return the favor and boost your content.

23. Best Instagram Followers App for Android: Followers+

Followers+ Instagram App

Followers+ is one of the most highly-rated free Instagram apps on Android—and for good reason. The app lets you manage your followers, by showcasing who viewed your profile, who unfollowed you, users who have blocked you, and other key metrics related to your posts.

Why we like it:
The app provides up-to-date information on your followers and takes it a step further by highlighting your most popular, liked, and commented posts. It also has analytics for Instagram Stories.

24. Best Free Instagram Frames App: Afterlight

Best Free Instagram Frames App: Afterlight

Afterlight is one of the best free Instagram apps for image editing. The tool offers standard editing features along with 77 adjustable frames. With high-quality filters, film presets, and plenty more creative options, Afterlight is one of the top-rated apps in the Apple app store.

Why we like it:
Afterlight (named Afterlight 2 on iOS) offers frames that are simple to apply and easy to tweak based on your post intent. You can also add incredible filters and textures.

25. Best Free Emoji App For Instagram: Picsart

Best Free Emoji App For Instagram: Picsart

If you want to add emojis directly onto your Instagram posts, rather than adding them in the captions, then Picsart is the app for you. Not only does the tool have generic emoji stickers, similar to most keyboards, it also has unique stickers of objects, decorations, celebrations, and a lot more.

Why we like it:
Picsart is an image editor that lets you create and add emojis to your pictures as stickers. Additionally, users can also remove an images’ background, add filters and effects, and edit videos.

Instagram can be a tough nut for businesses to crack. But as a brand, it’s crucial to use it to gain new followers, mainly because the higher the follower count, the higher your brand credibility. This consequently boosts customer trust and makes them more likely to buy your products and try your services.

We hope these tools we’ve mentioned help you build your brand and gain more followers through expertly edited posts, Stories, and effortless social media management. Be sure to check out our Linktree blog for more valuable social media insights.


This story was written by Aditi Prakash.


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