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Behind the scenes of Linktree’s Marketplace launch with Group Product Manager Susan He

Meet one of the product leaders behind Linktree’s newest launch, Marketplace.

Susan He knew early on in her career that product management was her passion. She was given an opportunity to drive the launch of a new product and that experience led her to where she is today. She’s now a Group Product Manager who’s worked on some of Linktree’s most exciting launches, including our Paypal and Shopify integrations – and most recently, Marketplace.

Remarkably, Susan also found time to lead a company-wide hackathon earlier this year and helps run programs at Girls in Tech Australia.

Curious to know more? Here’s a glimpse into Susan’s life at work and outside of work.

Can you tell us about your role as Group Product Manager?

I’m GPM of an exciting new area of Linktree called Marketplace that’s unlocking the platform for developers to deliver new experiences for our users. This means a lot of my time is spent communicating the strategy, building out the team and defining (then redefining) our processes.

This year I’m most excited about building our product team within Marketplace. I liken product managers to swiss-army knives as they balance competing (customers and business) needs, lead cross-functional teams, all while keeping a keen eye on market trends.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in product? Was there an “aha” moment?

Early on in my career, I had the opportunity to create, drive and deliver the launch of a new product. I was terrified – was the strategy I created right? Did I pick the right distribution partners? Did I take the right risks? It definitely wasn’t an overnight success but I learned an incredible amount about myself, the business and most importantly our customers. It was like a rollercoaster ride where even when there was a dip, we were still moving forward to where we needed to go. This is how I fell in love with product management.

You spearheaded Linktree’s hackathon earlier this year. What was that experience like?

It was a great way to start the new year and incredibly rewarding watching our hackers get creative and solve problems together. We have such a talented team at Linktree and the hackathon allowed team members across the world to connect and flex new skills they acquired outside of work.

What are some of the most exciting projects you’ve worked on recently?

Launching PayPal and Shopify integrations — unlocking payments for our creators speaks to my roots in fintech and payments. Enabling monetization capabilities is how passions turn into hobbies, which turn into side hustles and eventually careers. This is what the future of work looks like.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Linktree?

The people. Everyday I get to work with people who not only inspire me, but challenge me. Product is a t-shape profession and everyone at Linktree helps me be a better peer as they set a new standard for what it means to be an engineer, a designer, a partnerships manager, a product marketer, a growth specialist…the list continues.

Do you have any hidden talents, or a side hustle?

No side hustle at the moment, but I’m a Digital Program Manager of Girls in Tech Australia, a global non-profit that supports and lifts up females in tech. We run a number of programs each year, be sure to check them out.

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

You’ll find me at the local dog park with a make-shift magic coffee, which is an espresso-based milk coffee that’s exclusive to Melbourne. I moved to Sydney earlier this year and their lack of familiarity with a “magic” resulted in a four-part coffee order. The embarrassment has my fiance contemplating a move back. The rest of the time you’ll find me enjoying a local hike while listening to an audiobook or enjoying a nice dinner and drinks with friends and family. All health or all indulgence.


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