Planets and Celestial Bodies

Astrology is having a moment, and Linktree is here for it

Words By Yvette Kahina8 mins

Astrology has spilled over to social media and it’s big business for stargazers. See how astrologers use Linktree to share their horoscopes with the world.

Planets and Celestial Bodies

It’s no secret: astrology is having a moment. Since the COVID-19 pandemic brought everyone online, more and more people are using the internet and social media to seek spiritual advice during uncertain times. Combine lockdown with the accessibility of phones and there has been an unprecedented demand for spiritual guidance and horoscopes online. According to Google Trends, search results for “birth chart” and “astrology” both hit five-year highs in 2020. Google “horoscopes” and you’re one of 3.4M people searching globally.

Astrology, once stuck in the 70’s New Age, is now one of the most popular topics among Millennials and Gen-Z. Co-Star, the AI-driven app that reads your astrological chart and delivers daily horoscopes, was started by a 31-year-old (founder and CEO Banu Guler), and has more than 20 million downloads to date—a quarter of which are young women ages 18-25 in the U.S.

Besides apps, social media platforms like Instagram, Patreon, TikTok, and Twitter have a wealth of horoscope content and zodiac predictions that people can’t stop clicking on. And then there’s Linktree.

Linktree was started to empower creators to build a community, grow their business, and streamline their digital footprint. For astrologers with multiple social media profiles and revenue streams, having to choose only one link to share could potentially cost them business. We caught up with four distinguished stargazers to find out more about how Linktree helps them showcase their offerings, connect with clients, and share their content with the world.

Rick Levine, Professional Astrologer and Kepler College Co-Founder

Rick Levine, Professional Astrologer Linktree

Rick Merlin Levine was an astrologist long before social media became a thing. After earning an undergraduate in psychology, Levine began his astrology career the analog way: distributing business cards, listing in the Yellow Pages, and by word of mouth. By the 90s, he was lecturing at astrology conferences throughout the United States. He even created his own college: becoming a founding trustee of the Kepler College for Astrological Arts and Sciences.

Levine witnessed the fast-tracked growth of astrology on Instagram. With over 21,000 followers, he says that Instagram seems to be a natural platform for astrologers to use text, graphics, and video to distribute creative work. “Linktree is a no-brainer that gives astrologers an easy way to create an invisible bridge between Instagram and other Internet platforms and social media,” Levine says. “It offers a simplified user interface that enables me to add a new YouTube video, a course announcement, or an upcoming public event in a matter of minutes.”

As a Linktree PRO user, Levine has access to a wide range of specialized features, including video embeds, fully-customizable backgrounds, and link scheduling.

After posting his “Daily Planet Pulse” on Instagram, Levine spends time looking at advanced Linktree analytics (all Linktree users have access to analytics but the extended version is only available in PRO). “I like the ease at which I can quickly see daily performance with respect to other posts,” he says.

Levine also links his email list from his Linktree, and has the option of embedding it directly through Mailchimp or Google Sheets for potential clients to learn more about his offerings—another PRO feature.

Natasha Weber, Astrologer and Writer

Natasha Weber Astrologer Linktree Profile

Two weeks after giving birth to her first child, Natasha Weber had an epiphany: “I knew in my heart of hearts that I had to study astrology,” she tells us over email. The creative Gemini thanks her clairvoyant mother for sparking her interest in the mystic world from a young age, along with the “drive to become a spiritual warrior.”

Weber studied at the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology (AAAC), earning a highly coveted spot in the AAAC’s senior research group. She is now one of Australia’s top astrologers and the resident horoscope writer for Mamamia and Body+Soul.

Now, with 19 years of astrology experience under her belt, Weber’s mission is to “inspire women through the lens of astrology.” She shares her learnings with her 60,000 Instagram followers and updates her social media daily with horoscopes and moon interpretations.

Weber uses Linktree to make new connections, and says that many prospective clients click on her Linktree to discover her services and content. “As a result, I’ve sold most of my consultations and reports through Linktree – thank you!” As a Linktree user, Weber has the option of adding Commerce links to monetize her content and directly receive payments via Square and PayPal, a feature many creators on the platform utilize for business transactions and tips.

Weber says Linktree is popular among astrologers who write lengthy articles and horoscopes because they can share them easily on the platform. “It’s a one-stop shop where followers can access all services, such as birth chart readings, in-depth astrology articles and written reports,” Weber says. “Without Linktree, I simply wouldn’t be able to effectively communicate all that I do.”

Aliza Kelly, Astrologer, Author, and Host of PEOPLE TV’s “Celebrity Astrology Investigation”

Aliza Kelly, Astrologer and TV Host Linktree

Aliza Kelly, Astrologer and TV Host, uses Linktree to share content

Ten years ago, celebrity astrologer and television personality Aliza Kelly felt drawn to astrology because it gave her a “language that helped her understand the complex multidimensionality of my life,” she says. As Kelly expanded her research into a range of metaphysical systems, including astrology, she discovered she also wanted to help others in “navigating their realities through a more nuanced perspective.” So she began sharing her findings with family and friends.

Kelly’s passion for spirituality organically bloomed into an online business that now has 70,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares horoscope memes, birth chart tips, and information about her members-only online astrology community, “Constellation Club.”

This modern mystic says she encourages people to explore all the dimensions of their birth chart. “My chart is a full-on fright-fest, but that’s what makes me unique: the challenges are my strengths,.” Kelly says. To showcase the various aspects of her work, Kelly says she loves having a Linktree because it’s easy to update and helps her share her tracking of the stars. “It helps me organize my work and offerings, helping folks find exactly what they’re seeking,” she says.

When asked about Linktree’s popularity in the astrology community, Kelly calls the platform a great solution for astrologers to share resources, as they are on a 24/7 celestial cycle. “The planets are constantly in motion and, as an astrologer, there’s always something new to report.”

Kelly reveals more about how astrology can be used as a tool for manifestation in her new book, “This Is Your Destiny: Using Astrology to Manifest Your Best Life,” which will be released on September 28, 2021.

Brittany Kluss, Astrologist and Psychic

Brittany Kluss, Astrologist and Psychic Linktree

A double Scorpio with an Aquarius moon, astrologer Brittany Kluss revels in seeing the moments of self-realization in her clients. “I love helping facilitate a container of love for learning, discovering and renewing beautiful potentials in their lives through the road map of their birth charts,” she tells us over email.

Currently a student at the Steven Forrest Academy (a center for evolutionary astrology, a form of astrology which focuses on the connection between a person’s birth chart and the path of their soul), as well as a mom, Kluss raves about how Linktree helps her manage her busy life. “Anything to make my life simpler! The fact that I can put multiple links into one place is so handy,” she says.

Kluss will often check the advanced analytics in Linktree PRO to keep up with logistical data, and she says she has seen a definite increase in traffic passing through her Instagram since using Linktree. Kluss also uses the priority links feature to highlight her top link promotion of the week, such as astro-related products she is selling or 1:1 astrology readings with clients.

Astrology is part of a $2.2 billion industry that’s showing no signs of slowing down. As the demand for psychic services continues to grow, and new social media platforms and tools emerge, astrologers are met with every opportunity to market their services and expand their businesses.

However, the tech industry can be very noisy and hard to navigate, making it difficult for astrologers to read the stars and create content for a digital audience simultaneously. Lucky for them, Linktree provides a perfect hosting platform with numerous specialized features that simplifies social media and streamlines their business.

From Commerce Links that monetize spiritual services to email collection that grows newsletter lists, Linktree (especially Linktree PRO) can help astrologers deliver a steady content stream and grow their audience. When planetary predictions meet modern technology, we can understand the planets—and ourselves—even better.


Words By Yvette Kahina

8 mins

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