A note about our commitment to building an inclusive culture

Words By Emily Moore2 mins

One of our company values at Linktree is ‘Go Further Together,’ which means our team needs to be able to bring their true selves to work. It also means we need to create a space where everyone is encouraged and celebrated for their individual identity.

Did you know over 50 percent of transgender people in Australia have experienced overt discrimination in the workplace? And more than one in four transgender people in the US have lost a job due to transgender bias. These numbers are alarming, and while we’ve worked hard to build an inclusive culture from day one, we knew we needed to take this a step further; so we recently launched a Transpositive Inclusion Policy.

To help recognize, respect and celebrate everyone’s gender identity and prevent discrimation at work, we’ll provide support to our transgender employees in a number of different ways. This includes financial and wellbeing support for those considering gender transition or affirmation, as well as a management toolkit. Here’re a bit more about how we’re doing this:

  • Encouraging inclusivity for our employees identifying as transgender:
    • Gender neutral bathrooms in Linktree offices
    • Inclusive parental leave policy
    • Support and strong encouragement for using pronouns and name usage
    • Psychological support
    • Gender awareness training for all employees
  • Offering financial and wellbeing support for those considering transitioning or affirming:
    • Financial support for medical procedures
    • Paid personal leave
    • Financial support for administrative expenses
    • A clothing fund
    • Additional paid psychologist sessions
  • Providing a toolkit to assist managers in ensuring their direct report is supported and celebrated upon their return to Linktree following a gender-affirming procedure.

Our workplace culture is rooted in flexibility and it’s ever-evolving, so we’ll continue to learn from the trans and gender diverse experiences within our greater community as we go. In the meantime, we’ll stay true to our goal of building a culture where everyone is respected and celebrated — no matter who they are.



Words By Emily Moore

2 mins

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